Stand out in a crowd, be simply different.
Stand out in a crowd, be simply different.
Show the creativity which defines the essence of who you are.

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From the Begining

Your Vision

We start by listening, you tell us the vision for your site. From there together we lay the groundwork to bring your ideas to the world.


From the vision we begin to bring to life your creation, provide you with samples, show you the path to your final product.


Step by Step, Block by Block we move your project from design to production.


When your site goes live and you shine like a star we are there for you, keeping you up to date, keeping your site growing.

We know design.

The right tools for the job! like the Swiss Army Knife our team enables your solution to an exact fit for your usage.

The Tools:

WMS 5.0
Our CMS built for security, speed & simplicity.
Coded in PHP using FatFree Framework.
Data stored using SQL, multiple DB engines can be used for flexibility.
HTML 5, fully responsive mobile first design.
Styles via W3 Schools CSS framework.
Javascript using W3 Schools & jQuery
Total space required for deployment 1.14MB, size may vary depending upon the level of graphics deployed on site.
Compatable on hosting with Apache 2+, PHP 7+, Linux, BSD or Microsoft servers.

Our Portfolio

Swiss Army Knife

Our Skills.

We have been actively working on, in or around computers, software and engineering for over 35+ years.

Our web coding skills started when the internet was fresh and new, we have built pages, sites, hacked code, been part of the community working on such projects as phpBB, UltimateBB long before we started coding our CMS named, WMS (Website Management System) v5.0 in 2004.

We have experience with all the tools to build your site. We typically code by hand, not relying on WYSIWYG editors as we believe your site is only as beautiful as the code that runs it.

We like to keep the graphics, simple, clean and to the point, you may have a fast internet connection, your visitors may not! designing for simplicity help the user experience at all levels.



Responsive Web Design






Our Philosophy

Having been in the computer industry for more than 3 decades we have seen trends come and go. While the internet is no longer in it's infancy, the level of web applications have become fat. The developers are making applications that can solve every possible perceived need, what that means, you get an appliction that fit's thier needs not necessaily yours.

Is it important that you have 10K+ plugins available, 30+ javascript frameworks, 50+ ecommerce platforms and the list goes on! Like today's prescription drugs the side effects are overwhelming, the maintance constant, change is allways happening, and the hackers have a field day.

How does this fit into our philosophy you ask? having a solid engineering background we design for manufacurability, "just enough", or in simple terms the KISS method, keep it simple. Most companies, small buisness's, individuals seeking to develop a web prsesnce and get their message out need a tool that does the job, takes minimum maintanance, accuratly depcits their purpose, looks asteticly pleasing and provides and good user experience.

We put these ideals into working with you and building the relationship that defines your web presence, and gives you a sence of accomplishment and satisfaction.


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